What made
best furniture?

Modernity brings new materials and their processing methods, but regardless of times and always the best fashion wooden furniture.

Furniture from solid wood - a classic. Shops offered a lot of furniture made of various materials, but solid wood will always unique. No synthetic material will not fill such natural energy your house as wooden furniture. The tree can be called "living creature" because when you touch the tree, you feel the heat, which it emits.
Furniture made of wood are becoming a tradition that brings value and comfort. Feel comfortable only in the natural environment of pure and natural materials. Such materials our company uses for manufacturing furniture.

Ltd. "Skif", which is located in a picturesque corner of Western Ukraine - Coloma, produces environmentally friendly furniture from solid softwood. We offer quality furniture for reasonable price. The basis of our production are high quality requirements that meet European standards. Full cycle of works, ranging from spraying stem and ending with the finished product packaging, allows to control quality at all stages of production. Our furniture meet all safety standards and have certificates of conformity.